Clive Road Frontals are Blooming Marvellous!

By   August 28, 2012

ere are some of Clive Road’s blooms this summer – the street got on board with Full Frontal last year and hold regular meetings and events – if you want to join in with Full Frontal in Clive Road, contact us.  We look forward to seeing some more lovely displays!

…. And Introducing Castle Avenue!

By   August 24, 2012

There have been some really nice frontages springing up in Castle Avenue! The street got together earlier in the year and organised some great-looking pots and baskets, and over the summer these really came along well.  Have a look at the results below:

Castle Avenue Inauguration

Castle Avenue Inauguration


Castle Avenue

Castle Avenue

Full Frontal Rochester Avenue

By   August 22, 2012

Rochester Avenue’s branch of Full Frontal is going really well. There are about 18 houses involved, and we have noticed other houses also planting out, which is great news.  The gallery shows off some of this summer’s frontages.

Welcome, Slug Gone?

By   August 3, 2012

Trialling this new product that is supposed to be hated by slugs and snails…

Completely organic as made from sheeps’ wool –turned into small pellets – strong smell upon opening the bag – big advantage – as it breaks down as it is a soil conditioner and fertilizer – same colour as soil.

Will update on results as soon as…

Anyone already tried this? Please respond with your thoughts if so.

Full Frontal in RHS Gardening feature

By   August 3, 2012

The RHS interviewed Fern and asked “Your community group, Full Frontal, helps residents to improve their front gardens. You’ve signed up all but one house on your street and last year you achieved top marks in the IYN campaign. How did it all begin?”   Fern: “It actually began one night in June 2010 at about 1am in the morning! I decided on a bit of a whim to put leaflets through everyone’s doors suggesting we got together to form a community group. our street was desolate; all the frontages are concreted over and most were just gathering rubbish; mine was the only one with any plants in it.
my neighbousr had approached me asking for help with her garden and it suddenly hit me that maybe we could do the whole street. I think the name full frontal helped to grab people’s attention;  I’m not sure ‘ longley Road Garden Group’ would have had the same impact! everyone thought I was completely mad at first, but now we’ve got 24 houses on board and the street has been completely transformed.

2012 RHS Magazine

2012 RHS Magazine

2012 It’s Your Neighbourhood

By   July 20, 2012

David and Sallie Shaw our South East in Bloom – It’s Your Neighbourhood assessors came here on Wednesday 11th July. We walked around Longley Road, Clive Road, Castle Avenue and Rochester Avenue (as well as The Vines)They were about most of the day. I hope they were impressed with what they saw. We will know the results of their assessment at the Award Ceremony on 13th September.

Jaye Nolan from the Rochester People website came along, as did Viv from the new Rochester Avenue group – pictures were taken with the Hannah Day and Flynn and Ethan, Viv, Fern and David and Sallie. Jaye took lots of images of planting in the street.

The Garden Magazine…

By   July 16, 2012

We had an all day visit from a journalist and photographer from The Garden magazine – took them down to the High Street, and around our local roads. They were perparing material about Full Frontal for an article that will appear in the magazine in June/July 2013.

The Garden Magazine

The Garden Magazine

The Garden Magazine

The Garden Magazine

Blue Peter Gardener Chris Collins at FF

By   July 11, 2012

We had a visit this morning from the Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins and had pictures taken in the road – Ethan and Flynn were positively angelic for the occasion!

Andy Shaddick (centre) from Southern Water – who generously presented us with 6 water butts last year, also present at the photo session with Fern and Chris Collins.

There was a rare glimpse of that yellow ball in the sky during the photo session!

Chris Collins Blue Peter

Chris Collins Blue Peter

Blue Peter 2

Water Butt Repair!

By   July 5, 2012

Sue did an amazing job on our blocked water butt the other evening.

I had tried without success on a number of occasions, but she ‘pulled out all the stops’ (forgive the pun) and got the blockage cleared quickly, so we now again have six fully functioning water butts …and all full of water thanks to the large amounts of precipitation we have been ‘enjoying’ of late!

Water Butt Repair

Water Butt Repair

Hampton Court Features FF

By   July 3, 2012

Viv and Fern in Chris Beardshaw’s Urban Oasis garden, highlighting the work of community gardening groups in improving the urban environment.

We both took up the offer to go to Hampton Court Flower Show last Sunday to take part in a photoshoot. Both Viv and Fern did short pieces for the BBC TV cameras which may be shown on BBC2 this evening 9pm. We had a heavenly time looking around the show gardens and floral displays for the remainder of the day.

hampton2 hampton