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Great opportunity for Full Frontalers!

By   February 5, 2015

Happy to let you all know that we have had a great offer from a new online plant company – Anyone connected to Full Frontal can apply for a Privilege Card to get discounts on purchases…you could call 01323 833 479 or go direct to the website – plenty of great stuff including Christmas… Continue reading »


By   December 13, 2014

Dear Wonderful Full Frontallers! 2014 has been a great gardening year – we had such a gorgeous summer and plants have really thrived in all the warm sunshine ….but now we are in the depths of winter and it is that time of the year again This comes just to wish you all a VERY… Continue reading »

Great Opportunity for Full Frontalers!

By   November 20, 2014
Great Opportunity for Full Frontalers!

There’s good news for all Full Frontalers – I have been approached by a new online Plant Shop offering Full Frontal members discount rates with a Privilege Card. The website has bedding and other plants as well as other garden related products, equipment and gifts – even a Christmas Gift page. To take advantage of… Continue reading »

Looking ahead to 2015

By   November 4, 2014
Looking ahead to 2015

The Summer of 2014 has been truly magical, staying warm until just a few days ago! I’m afraid I find myself already looking forward to 2015 and when I heard that the Plant of The Year was going to be the sunflower,  I got pretty excited.  You get so much for so little with these… Continue reading »

Progression on Longley Road

By   August 7, 2014
Progression on Longley Road

I went back to Rochester and visited Longley Road last week. Brought a huge smile to my face when I saw the street looking really lovely – for old times’ sake I did a little watering in the communal bath and took pictures that I will try to add here! I understand that the residents… Continue reading »

More water issues!

By   July 9, 2014

Following on from my last post…the last few days have seen plenty of rain – where possible try to collect this in water butts cans, buckets etc. Plants really prefer this to tap water… There is a chance that for some potted plants, especially those in small pots with lots of leaf cover, even huge… Continue reading »

Gibraltar Terrace Chatham Summer-ized

By   May 6, 2014

Saturday saw the culmination of some major planning for work on Gibraltar Terrace – New Road, Chatham Full Frontal gardeners. Many months of planning saw the arrival of some very large recycled planting containers, planting medium and lovely plants – all were installed on the day by the residents – wonderful results that can now… Continue reading »