Co-operative Membership Community Fund

By   May 1, 2012

I am pleased to say that we have been fortunate enough to have been granted further funding for new Full Frontal start ups, by the Cooperative Membership Community Fund who help us out in our very early days too.

We are of course extremely grateful for this brilliant help that means that plans to roll out Full Frontal even further across the towns, are looking really great.

coop fund FF

coop fund FF

Rochester Avenue joins FF

By   April 30, 2012


A team of Rochester Avenue residents have now joined together and formed a Full Frontal Rochester Avenue group of planters.

We are holding a social gathering and plant swap on Tuesday 15 May from 8 p.m. in the What the Dick Inns pub on Ross Street. All Rochester Avenue residents are welcome.


By   April 11, 2012

Clive Road Full-Frontallers say a huge thank-you to Southern Water for donating water-butts to the street for use during these hard times following the hosepipe ban.

Four butts have been installed and will enable residents to conserve water to keep plants healthy especially as the water restrictions have been introduced.  Southern Water say:

“We will, for the first time in six years, bring in restrictions on water use. This will involve restricting the use of hosepipes and sprinklers, primarily for domestic use, not commercial, in our Kent and Sussex supply areas from April 5. This is part of our drought management process and is being introduced in direct response to the water resources available, in a planned and measured way, as a way of reducing demand and helping to preserve supplies”

So the water butts have come at a great time for us.

Also, thank you to Dobbies for sponsoring us in their ‘Here We Grow’ Campaign

And also to Medway Council for donating £500 towards plants for the Full Frontal Project

Plans for Rochester High Street

By   April 10, 2012

We have had the news that the lamppost baskets are on their way and should be delivered to Medway Council this week. This means that we can start to get the inner baskets planted up – with the help of a generous High Street Trader at City Books, who has made their garden and van available to bring this to fruition.

We are looking forward to getting the project going. It has been decided that the colour scheme for the baskets will be Red and Yellow – the colours of The City of Rochester. This will be with the help of ever reliable Nasturtium plants – these plants are very easy to grow from seed, and are attractive to bees and insects, as well as people…they should last well into the autumn.

Wildflower Sowing Party April 2012

By   April 3, 2012

We’ve had an amazing donation of mixed wildflower seeds from Paul Jupp of Nova Flore.

I am planning to spread these around in window boxes and forgotten corners – at a ‘sowing party’ on the afternoon of April 14th – anyone who wants to join in email or contact me.  07956 364479

Magpie Hall Road Residents

By   April 2, 2012

With its boarded-up homes and problems with fly-tipping, it was never the most likely entrant for Britain in Bloom.

Yet a run-down Chatham street has entered for the prestigious award which is more often the preserve of leafy villages.

Residents around Magpie Hall Road, the centre of a “dispersal zone” last year thanks to anti-social behaviour, fancy their chances.

The All Saints Community Project is entering the It’s Your Neighbourhood scheme, where the most points are awarded for community spirit.

Magpie Hall Road

Magpie Hall Road


Castle Avenue FF Inauguration

By   March 30, 2012

Saturday 17th March was the inaugural planting day in Castle Avenue in Rochester.  The somewhat rainy weather didn’t dampen the spirits of the new group. Full Frontal in Longley Road donated £100 worth of plants and compost, and the group planted up containers kindly donated by Nieves, and had lots of fun.

The afternoon ended with the newly planted containers being attached to frontals and railings. The street is starting to look really good. The group is hoping that more residents will wish to join in in due course. Many thanks to Nieves for the use of her house and garden as a venue for the planting event.

Medway Council to roll out FF

By   March 21, 2012

Exciting News from my day at Baggins Bookshop this week! On 13th March, I was ‘in situ’ to help and answer queries from existing and prospective Full Frontal gardeners around Medway.

There were three visitors from Medway Council’s Communities Section – Mark, Tony and Steph. They had seen our website, and have decided that they would now like to extend Full Frontal across the Towns, in areas they work with and know will benefit.

I have now passed on all the information they will need to start new Full Frontal groups – our Constitution, logo, and information about how to get things going.

This is a great step forward, and will hopefully help to ‘grow’ Full Frontal at a much quicker pace….watch out for a Full Frontal coming near you!

Keep your eye on the website and Medway Matters for more news on this.

Here you go, girls

By   March 1, 2012

A survey by B&Q has revealed that women are the new ‘garden guardians’. Ladies have reportedly taken over the family’s gardening jobs from men


keep at it…hopefully you are all busy sowing seeds now, and please remember to do some extras for our Plant Day in The Vines from 11am. – 1pm on 3rd March, so we can help out the now many new Full Frontal Groups that are starting up around the Towns.

This is a such special year for us with the Dickens Bicentenary, Royal Jubilee etc…let’s make our towns a place we can feel ‘blooming’ proud of!

City of Rochester Society supports FF

By   February 29, 2012


have just announced that they fully support the work of Full Frontal in Rochester High Street, and that they will help the project with some generous funding.

No doubt this will encourage the businesses and residents in the High Street to participate fully in the bid to get the High Street really blossoming for this summer, when the ‘South East in Bloom’ judges come to visit!