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Welcome, Slug Gone?

By   August 3, 2012

Trialling this new product that is supposed to be hated by slugs and snails… Completely organic as made from sheeps’ wool –turned into small pellets – strong smell upon opening the bag – big advantage – as it breaks down as it is a soil conditioner and fertilizer – same colour as soil. Will update… Continue reading »

Dead Heading

By   August 4, 2011

Dead heading….this is not a description of how you feel in the mornings! Dead heading refers to cutting out any flowers that have gone over, or set seed. As soon as a flowering plant is allowed to set seed, it will stop flowering – so if you want lasting floral displays throughout the summer, be… Continue reading »

Grey Water Use

By   August 2, 2011

Grey water should be used with care, but can be useful in times of water shortages. Plants can be watered with shower, bath, kitchen and washing machine water (from rinse cycles), collectively referred to as ‘grey’ water. It varies in quality and may contain contaminants such as soap and detergent. Fortunately, soil and potting composts… Continue reading »

July Plant Care

By   July 18, 2011

Hello Full Frontal folks! We only have a month from today before the Britain in Bloom assessor comes to see us, and there are a couple of things to remember about keeping our plants looking great all over the summer. Really important is dead heading spent flowers (including their stalks)this will extend the flowering season… Continue reading »

Free Plants Alert Now!

By   July 1, 2011

This is the time when we can all get ourselves some free plants – grab some envelopes and get collecting seeds – if they are marigolds, tomatoes and beans then they will need to be dried and stored over winter (in the fridge is good if you have the space – first put the envelopes… Continue reading »