Wishing you all good times over this Festive Season and a wonderful gardening year in 2016

By   January 7, 2016


There is certainly less to do in the garden at this time of the year, which is just as well as there seems to be plenty to do indoors anyway!  Something I have done this year to add some sparkle to my front garden is to ‘plant’ some lovely little white solar powered led lights through the planting – the latest solar powered outdoor lights are now really reasonably priced, and the solar panels no longer seem to require  much in the way of sunshine to operate well.  I’m thinking of leaving them there all year anyway now….they are so lovely!

This week I have planted out some red tulip bulbs. Tulips are really the only bulbs that can still be planted out this late in the year, and even into January – the great thing is that they will flower at the very same time as any planted earlier in the autumn, just with slightly shorter stems, which can be a bonus.  The expectation of watching them popping up early in the spring is very exciting! Last week was National Tree Week and we planted numerous native saplings in public places around Faversham –– leaving everyone feeling tired, but so full of optimism for the future!