Free Plants Alert Now!

By   July 1, 2011

This is the time when we can all get ourselves some free plants – grab some envelopes and get collecting seeds – if they are marigolds, tomatoes and beans then they will need to be dried and stored over winter (in the fridge is good if you have the space – first put the envelopes into plastic bags for this) and for foxgloves and some other annuals and biennials, sow direct now.

Also a great time to take non flowering tip cuttings. In the last couple of weeks I have popped in some lavender cuttings, half compost and half grit in pots for free drainage, and they are already growing away.
If we get going on this, we could have a wonderful plant swap in the early spring!

We will soon be able to start planting up bulbs when the orders arrive, but please remember that tulips can’t be planted yet. November the earliest, but often better planted in January. They will flower at the right time but will have shorter stems, so less likely to flop.