Recent plant-up news: Cossack Street braves the elements.

By   March 21, 2013

Saturday 17thMarch saw the planting up of the second of the two Cossack Street slopes in Rochester in cold and rainy conditions!  Volunteers from Full Frontal helped to plant up and mulch the bed.  Our local Ward Councillors Teresa Murray and Nick Bowler, as well as mhs homes supported the event with funding, and the Woodland Trust donated 105 free hedging plants, all were planted on the day making the area look much improved.

Supported by MHS Homes, Cossack Street has been given the Full Frontal treatment, with residents braving the elements yesterday to clear the slope and prepare for planting.

Have a look at their progress!

Cossack Street Cossack Street Cossack Street Cossack Street