Clive Road Awarded Level 3

By   September 19, 2012

Hi everyone – recent news from Elaine at Clive Road is as follows:

The postman brought the results today and here is the certificate.

We have been awarded Level 3: Developing and were just eight marks short of the second highest level: Thriving so I think we’ve done pretty well considering how new we are. They have noted areas of achievement and areas for development which we can mull over at a future meeting but all in all not a bad day’s work.  Thanks to Mits, Diana, Jacqueline and Fern for hosting our assessors and congratulations too to Full Frontal who have again been awarded Level 5: Outstanding.

Please make a note in the diary for Saturday 13 October between 10-12 if you haven’t already.

 Well done Clive Road!

Clive Road 3