Rochester Avenue Full Frontal

By   June 1, 2012

Rochester Avenue’s branch of Full Frontal seems to be going well. We have about 18 houses signed up, and have noticed other houses also planting out, which is great news. Most of the FFRA houses have put a Full Frontal Growing Community sign in our window. I promise to when I find the sellotape!

Anyone wishing to join, please email our mailbox at

We had our first meeting at the What the DickInns Pub last week. It went very well, everyone brought along seedlings, and there were a load of plants donated by the Fund – so a huge thank you to Fern and her helpers for those.

Tonight, 22 May, a few of us met up at St Peter’s = Bill, Helen, Richard and Viv, with the PCSOs, Fern, Simon Harwood, and Nick Bowler. Simon brought litter pickers and bin bags, and we split up into groups and walked down the alleys on each side of Rochester Avenue picking up litter. Next time I think it would be a good thing to take a broom and dustpan, we spent a lot of time trying to pick up cigarette butts and tiny bits of paper which could be scooped up in a millisecond with a broom. Rochester Avenue is definitely encompassing the Full Frontal ideology and doing everything we can to improve our environment.

Thanks to Helen for organising the litter clear up, Fern for the plants and everyone for their enthusiasm and willingness to share. Maybe we can combine the next litter clear up with a trip to the DickInns or a few glasses of lambrusco in someone’s garden

Just wanted to add that this morning I have emailed our local councillors and trading standards to ask for their help in encouraging the supermarkets on Delce Road not to sell alcohol to under-age drinkers and to commit to keeping their shop fronts clean, particularly CostCutters, which constantly has rubbish outside.

I have also been on to the planning department about a potential new fast food joint on Delce Road, and will be emailing them to raise objects.

I know this isn’t strictly planting news, but less rubbish is better for the environment and is a big problem in the alleys behind Rochester Avenue and on Delce Road itself.